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Big Crypto Influencer Says Bitcoin May Hit $138k In The Next 18 Days

Anthony Pompliano shared an interesting fact about the last Bitcoin bull cycle & hinted that soon the trade price of Bitcoin will surge to double.

Anthony Pompliano is an American entrepreneur, investor, and host of The Pomp podcast, where he shares interviews and personal opinions on technology and finance. He also manages his family office, focusing on private investments. In the crypto sector, he is known as a Bitcoin proponent.

On 5 March 2023, Anthony Pompliano appeared in an interview with CNBC. Anthony explained how the trade price of Bitcoin surged over the last few weeks & months under the influence of Bitcoin spot ETF applications and hype around Bitcoin halving.

Anthony dragged attention toward the last Bitcoin bull cycle and said that Bitcoin trade price doubled in nearly 18 days in 2021, just after hitting an all-time high (ATH).

By taking the consideration of the 2021 Bull run, Anthony indirectly hinted that the trade price of Bitcoin may hit $138k within the next 3 weeks.

Furthermore, he also suggested people allocate only 1-5% of portfolios to Bitcoin & Crypto, to minimise the risks of high volatility of crypto investment.

Yesterday the trade price of Bitcoin hit nearly $69k on the majority of the crypto exchanges but suddenly crashed, as the fear triggered among the investors badly.

In the latest Bitcoin trade price correction, top fund manager BlackRock purchased 6,000 BTC.

Interestingly today the total trade volume in Bitcoin spot ETF products hit $10 billion. This fact showed the degree of craziness among the big Bitcoin traders.

A crypto analyst shared his opinion & suggestion to all the Bitcoin investors and suggested not to do anything. He said that the Bitcoin trade price is at that phase where the trade price is looking to go down but be careful because from there it will go up for a long.

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