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Binance Dismisses $Bome Insider Trading Claims But Further Investigation Will Continue 

Finally, the Binance team completed its initial investigation into the matter of the $Bome token insider trading case.

$Bome token is a newly launched Solalan network-based token by an unknown crypto enthusiast, who is known for his meme arts collectibles. Just a few days ago the launched token secured a $1 billion+ market cap, following the listing support on multiple crypto exchanges.  

Following the listing news of this token on the Binance crypto exchange, many people noted that there is a person who knows about this token in advance, potentially an insider trader of this token. 

Following this controversy, the Binance team conducted an investigation and found that the alleged guy didn’t belong to the Binance team/employee. 

The Binance team confirmed that they will further deeply investigate this matter to find the culprit, if any. Also asked people to report or inform the Binance team, in case of any clue or evidence related to the listing of any crypto token on the exchange.

The trade price of the Bome token crashed badly in the last 48 hours but still trending in the top trending crypto token list. Now it will be interesting to see the future growth of this token, as the creator of this token showed his vision to push this meme token in the Web3 & decentralized storage solution tools. 

The current trade price of this token is $0.015 & this trade price is 21% down over the last 24 hours.

Binance dismisses $Bome insider trading claims but further investigation will continue  1

These days, the majority of crypto influencers are talking about meme tokens and many of them are promoting different meme tokens, probably they backed those meme tokens for money. 

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