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Binance’s Sensitive Data Leaked On GitHub

Reportedly sensitive data of top crypto exchange Binance was leaked by a GitHub user on the GitHub platform and that data was available for months. 

Binance is a top-ranked crypto exchange by 24-hour crypto trade volume on the platform. This digital assets trade platform is known for its highly responsive crypto trade service as well as the security of the funds against hacking incidents. In the past Binance faced very rare hacking incidents, which helped crypto traders gain confidence to use the Binance exchange.

Recently 404Media published a report and confirmed that Binance’s sensitive data e.g infrastructure diagrams, internal passwords, and other technical information, was posted on the popular software code-sharing platform GitHub. 

This sensitive information was availablea arfor few months and when the Binance team noticed this issue then removed it from GitHub with the help of a copyright takedown request.

The report claimed that leaked data was very sensitive data of Binance because any bad actor was able to use that data to financially harm Binance and confusion on/harm customers.

On the other hand, a Binance spokesperson added that all such reports are true but that data was not very sensitive & there was a very rare chance of misuse.

Binance & legal hurdles

Binance crypto exchange has been under huge legal hurdles since mid-2023 because of the legal actions by the US enforcement agencies. 

So far Binance paid over $4 billion as a fine to settle the charges of American regulators. But still, the legal battle against the Securities Exchange and Commission (SEC) body is active & also its co-founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ) is defending himself in court over violation of US financial laws via the Binance exchange. 

Because of these legal hurdles, Binance is failing to get new local partners in the majority of the jurisdiction. Recently we reported that Binance failed to re-enter the UK’s crypto market because all the UK’s local company distanced their feet from the exchange.

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