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Bitcoin Halving countdown – Why this 20-month high is sign of things to come

  • Supply held by wallets with 10 – 10k coins surged to a 20-month high.
  • An analyst noted higher chances of Bitcoin hitting $72.8k in the days ahead.

Investors started to increase Bitcoin [BTC] exposure in their portfolios as the countdown to the economically-significant halving event began.

Pre-halving bullishness takes shape

According to on-chain analytics firm Santiment, wallets holding between 10 – 10k coins amassed a total of 51,959 BTCs on the 24th of March, representing one of the largest accumulation days in recent memory.

To put this in perspective, nearly 0.263% of BTC’s total circulating supply was scooped up by this cohort in just one day.

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