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Early Bitcoin Developer Adam Back Blocked Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Leader Roger Ver On X (Twitter)

Bitcoin proponent Adam Back indirectly confirmed that he is not open to talking with Bitcoin cash proponent Roger Ver for Bitcoin backing. 

Roger Ver is an early Bitcoin investor & proponent across the internet world. Allegedly he manipulated the Bitcoin miners with the help of his thoughts cum money influence to fork the Bitcoin network in 2017. Following a Bitcoin fork in Aug 2017, Bitcoin Cash (Cash) originated. At the time, some people supported Roger but the majority of the Bitcoin proponents started to hate Roger. 

Recently Roger Ver’s book was published via popular e-commerce platform Amazon. The name of the book is Hijacking Bitcoin: The hidden history of Bitcoin. 

Following the publication of this book, early Bitcoin developer & Blockstream CEO Adam Back showed his support with Roger Ver. 

Adam invited Roger to join the Bitcoin community to fight against the challenges associated with the current phase of Bitcoin. 

A couple of weeks ago, In an interview with popular crypto news media Decrypt, Roger directly rejected Adam’s invitation and also talked about several challenges associated with Bitcoin.

Roger alleged that Bitcoin’s development is managed by a limited number of people & the original vision of Bitcoin has been deflected from its original path. Furthermore, he said that Layer 2 is not a solution to fight against high network speed demand. 

In short, Roger showed his full support only for Bitcoin cash (BCH) as the best solution to maintain the fundamental vision of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, instead of going with alternative solutions which are not decentralised. 

On 9 April, Roger noted that he was blocked by Adam on the X (formerly Twitter) platform. He said that Adam Back is afraid to face his tough questions. So, he blocked him, which just proves his point. 

Roger also claimed that Adam doesn’t want people to see the truth on

The majority of the response tweets showed full support for Adam Back, instead of Roger Ver. 

Now it will be interesting to see how Roger will bring all the negative factors of the original Bitcoin, which has been changed, to the public domain. 

Current situations showed that there is a huge possibility that he will give up fighting against the Bitcoin community, to give his full time to Bitcoin cash (BCH) developments. 

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