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Ethereum validators’ reliance on Geth sparks client diversity push by Coinbase

Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, announced plans to diversify its execution clients amidst concerns over the dominance of go-Ethereum (Geth).

In a Jan. 23 statement on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Coinbase Cloud disclosed ongoing evaluations to identify alternative qualified execution clients for its platform while acknowledging the growth being made in the industry.

“Alternative execution clients have come a long way, and so we are conducting an updated technical assessment with the goal of adding another execution client to our infrastructure,” Coinbase said.

The Brian Armstrong-led exchange added that it will release a formal update on the process by the end of February.

Geth dominance raises concern

Geth is an Ethereum execution client responsible for handling transactions and the deployment of smart contracts. According to Ethereum client diversity data, 84% of Ethereum validators rely on it, raising security apprehensions within the community over its dominance.

The concerns were escalated after a bug issue briefly took all Nethermind validators (approximately 10% of the network) offline. Although a prompt fix was implemented, community members highlighted the potential impact of a similar occurrence on Geth.

Lachlan Feeney of Labrys, the development studio behind MEV Watch, a tool addressing censorship risks on the Ethereum blockchain, explicitly warned that stakers running Geth face the prospect of losing up to 100% of their assets in the event of critical bug discovery, which instantly halts the network chain’s finalization.

“Stakers running Geth today likely don’t fully understand the risk associated with running a supermajority execution client. Many incorrectly assume that in the event of a bug, a patch will be released in a few hours that will solve the issue, losing very little ETH in the process. Many are not aware of the risk of attesting an invalid block which locks you into the invalid finalised chain, all but guaranteeing a majority of your ETH being burned. This is a real risk that has the potential to materialise,” Feeney wrote.

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