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Google Adds Bitcoin Address Balance Check Search Feature

Amid this Bitcoin bull run, the internet giant added Bitcoin balance check support for Bitcoin wallet users but some people opposed this feature.

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, is a leading multinational technology company known for its internet search engine and wide range of digital services, founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. It offers products like Google Search, online message-sending service Gmail, location tracker Google Maps, video sharing platform YouTube, and Android. Google is renowned for its innovation and has ventures in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) tools and self-driving cars.

Just recently Google search engine added support for Bitcoin wallet addresses, to allow the Google search engine users to directly see the Bitcoin (BTC) wallet balance, just by searching the Bitcoin address.

For this moment, only P2PKH, P2SH and Bech32 types of Bitcoin addresses are supported. 

This is not something new for Google, as already this tech giant added similar support to Ethereum Name Service (ENS) balance check support, nearly a year ago.

In May 2023, Google added integrated readable Ethereum addresses balance checker system in the Google search engine and at the time the majority of the people supported Google but this time some Bitcoin proponents jumped against the expanded support feature over the privacy of user data, as people will search their own Bitcoin addresses on the search engine & secondly Google knows almost everything about that person.

Google vs Crypto

In 2018 Google banned crypto-related advertisements across its ecosystem, as many ponzi crypto projects were promoting their ponzi investment schemes.

In 2024, Google officially opened its empire to promote Bitcoin spot ETF products, regulated in the jurisdictions. Since the last couple of months, we have seen the BlackRock Bitcoin spot ETF (IBIT) ads in the US.

All these efforts by this top internet giant toward Bitcoin & Crypto are showing that adoption of this innovative sector is surging rapidly.

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