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Kraken exec explains Bitcoin’s looming ‘tipping point’

  • Bitcoin dipped below the $70,000 threshold after a recent sell-off.
  • Exec highlighted BTC’s volatility and its relatively small market cap, predicting an improved adoption curve.

In a surprising turn of events, Bitcoin [BTC] has once again dipped below the $70,000 threshold, facing a significant overnight sell-off that has left investors and enthusiasts pondering the future of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

This downturn comes after a period of notable highs, where Bitcoin seemed poised to establish new benchmarks.

Kraken’s executive talks about BTC’s current pullback

CNBC’s Crypto World host, Jordan Smith, sat down with Thomas Perfumo, Head of Strategy at Kraken, to dissect the factors contributing to this sudden retreat and to understand the broader implications for the cryptocurrency market.

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