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PEPE, WIF, And BONK Achieve Billion-Dollar Status, Is MYRO Next?

With the crypto market recovering, meme coins such as PEPE, WIF, BONK, and MYRO are all back in the spotlight as they make their way toward new all-time highs. Amid the search for the next big thing, MYRO is presenting as the most obvious option for a massive run-up, especially as others have become billion-dollar coins.

MYRO Takes Investors By Storm

As the meme coin frenzy continues, with multiple meme coins rallying more than 300% in a matter of days, MYRO has crept up from the shadows to take the market by surprise. The meme coin, which was launched last year on the Solana blockchain, had a rollercoaster month, that eventually saw it rise above $200 million, garnering support from crypto investors far and wide.

However, the main surprise came on Tuesday when Binance announced it would be listing the meme coin on its futures trading platform. This news triggered a massive increase in the price of the meme coin before being derailed by the market crash on Tuesday. Nevertheless, the coin has since recovered and has gone on to make a new all-time high.

In the last day alone, MYRO has risen more than 42% to cross $0.4, leading to a new all-time high market cap above $400 million. But despite this rally, it continues to lag behind the likes of WIF and BONK, both of which currently boast large market caps in the billions.

Since every meme coin listed by Binance on its Futures platform has crossed the $1 billion market cap mark, expectations are that it is a matter of when, not if, MYRO gets to $1 billion. Going by the timeline of other meme coins on Binance, it could take a few months. However, it should be kept in mind that MYRO was launched in a bull market. As such, the timeline to reach $1 billion could be considerably shorter.

PEPE, WIF, And BONK All Above $1 Billion

The months of February and then March have been interesting for meme coins. During this time, the likes of PEPE, WIF, and BONK all saw their market caps rise above $1 billion. Interestingly, all of these meme coins would hit this milestone all within a week of one another.

WIF, in particular, has seen an interesting trajectory. In three weeks, the meme coin went from a $300 million market cap to over $2 billion at the time of writing. This translates to an over 600% increase in its price during this time.

Similar to WIF, the PEPE trajectory has been impressive, rising over 700% in one month. Its market cap has now reached $3.2 billion as of the time of writing. While BONK has risen almost 300% in the same time period to also reach the same $3.2 billion mark.

Given the positive headwinds, MYRO looks primed to join the ranks of these meme coins. It is currently only a 200% move away from reaching the $1 billion target.

MYRO price chart from (WIF, BONK, PEPE)

MTRO at $0.34 | Source: MYROUSDT on

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