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The Meme Token Trend Is Still On, As AI Pepe King Showed A 1,500% Pump In 7 Days 

The trade price of AI Pepe King (AIpepe) token surged nearly 5,000% in the last 30 days & this is enough to explain the level of craziness among the meme token lovers. 

In this bull run, many meme tokens took birth in this innovative sector. Despite no use case for these meme tokens, people are crazy and expecting huge returns with small investments in these crypto tokens. 

In the latest, AI Pepe King, a new meme token, token showed nearly 200%+ pump in the trade price in the last 24 hours, while this token is 5,000% high over the last 30 days. 

All these big rallies in the trade price of such types of new meme tokens is a realistic proof that the craze for these tokens is very high. 

Notably, the bad actors are taking advantage of this trend to easily get investment for their scam tokens. 

It is worth it to know that popular meme token supporter & crypto influencer Glauber Contessoto recently claimed that he invested in a new meme token & his $10k investment turned into $129. 

Before this many people revealed that they lost huge money with the investment in such crypto meme tokens. 

Binance supports meme trend 

Amid this crypto bull run, the majority of the top crypto exchanges are blindly giving support to the top meme tokens, obviously to generate huge amounts of money from trade fees. 

Just a day ago, BNBchain, an independent subsidiary of the Binance crypto exchange which manages the development work for the Binance Smart chain (BSC) network, launched a meme coin challenge for crypto enthusiasts & developers. 

Under this program, the BNBChain team will release rewards of up to $1 million to the meme token deployers on the BSC network. 

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