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US DOJ Charges 3 People Who Stole $400M From FTX Crypto Exchange Via SIM Swap Attack

Finally, the US DOJ detained those three people who were behind the crypto funds hacking incident in the FTX crypto exchange post-bankruptcy.

FTX was a popular crypto trade platform but collapsed badly in Nov 2022, as the FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) misused the majority of the FTX customers’ funds for personal benefits & expensive giftings. Just after the bankruptcy filing, the FTX exchange faced a hack attack & lost more than $400 million worth of crypto assets. At the time, SBF clearly said that he was not behind that incident & also claimed that it could have been an inside job. 

Many times many people claimed it was SBF who used backdoor codes to steal funds from the exchange for his family’s future but in reality, everything was only a part of speculation. Currently, SBF is in jail & probably he will face this punishment for up to 10+ years. 

On 2 Feb 2024, Bloomberg reported that investigators detained 3 three in this matter. These people are Robert Powell of Illinois, Emily Hernandez of Colorado, and Carter Rohn of Indiana.

The US DOJ charges these three people for hacking activities via the sim swap method & stealing $400 million in crypto assets from the FTX exchange. 

Reportedly these three people managed to collect some private details of 50 FTX customers and also one of the FTX employees. 

On behalf of the collected data, these culprits convinced the sim service provider company to port the sim card. 

Furthermore, these bad actors used various authentication codes to access FTX’s crypto wallets. 

So far, the FBI received  2,056 SIM-swapping complaints with losses totaling $71.6 in the last 12 months. 

Notably, such hackers are not only targeting individual people to target SIM swap victims but also they target government agencies. Last month, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) body faced a similar sim swap attack.

The attacker accessed the X (Twitter) account of the SEC agency & falsely announced that the SEC body approved Bitcoin spot ETF applications, while the decision was pending.

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