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World Coin (WLD) Pumps 41% In 12 Hours, Something Coming Big Around This Project?

The trade price of the WLD coin surged rapidly amid this bull run. A notable pump in the trade price of this token seen in the last 12 hours.

World Coin (WLD) is a decentralised human identity verification concept-based crypto project. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is the backend leader behind this crypto project. OpenAi is independent of the Worldcoin crypto project. OpenAi is known for its artificial intelligence chatbot tools.

The current trade price of the WLD coin is $10.26 & this trade price is 41.2% higher over the last 24 hours.

The sudden pump in the trade price of WLD coin should not be considered as a strange event, because this is a unique crypto project with a potential real use case.

With Worldcoin, Altman aimed to distinguish bots & humans across the internet platforms easily, to prohibit digital bot spamming.

Spain vs Worldcoin

Under the World Coin Project, an Orb device was used to collect a human’s eye retina identity.
So far no practical use case has been introduced by the Worldcoin team but they aimed to integrate the use of WLD coin to verify the identity of humans across multiple internet platforms.

This week, Spain’s data protection regulator AEPD banned the use of Orb devices in the country and also ordered it to stop using the collected data of the citizens.

So far World Coin app secured 4 million users across 120 countries, which is a very big number for any crypto project, but many privacy campaigners raised concerns against Worldcoin.
Many people noted that the WorldCoin team failed to provide sufficient details regarding the data collected and they’re failing to explain the way they will use it in the future.

In the initial days of the launch of this crypto project, a Worldcoin project insider jumped against this project and said that human data were not securely stored & could be misused. Later that person disappeared from X (Twitter) & YouTube.

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